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Street Photography is among my favourite genres. I love being out and walking around the city streets, capturing people as they go about their day to day lives. As a photographer, Street Photography, does not allow you much time to think. You have to be "ready" to shoot. If you miss a moment, it's gone forever.

The Boy

While in Havana, Cuba I saw this boy walking down the street hitting a stick of various objects he walked by. The composition was great so I scooted across the road to capture him only to have him turn into an open alleyway. I ran to catch him in case he ducked around another corner, and when I turned the corner into the alleyway, this is what I say. One of my favourite images to date.

Sun Setting On NYC

During my first ever trip to NYC. What a fantastic city... and the street photography opportunities are endless.

McMurdo's Lane

If you know St. John's, NL, you know the importance of this location, specifically in regards to the establishment therein.

A Conversation

In Toronto's Kensington Market. Another perfect location for street photography.


While spending the day at Kensington Market, I decided to hop onto Spadina Ave. Part of the street photography process is to "wait" for a moment to happen. After hanging out in one spot for a little while, this happened.

Reach the Sky

Chicago Illinois! One of the best cities I've ever been in for architecture.

Pride Gone By

Another rendition of my favourite building in Toronto!!

Poetry in Music

Canadiana at its best!

From the Belly of the Underground

I've spent some time at this location on different occasions to catch the steam that billows out here. Was never fully able to capture it as I always wanted... until this!!

Short Cut Through the Square

This is one of my favourite shots. The Square in Havana was bustling with locals and tourists, but I managed to grab this middle of the day shot with little "people noise". Lucky for sure!

Hidden Gem

In Kingston Ontario lurks an alleyway that is right out of 19th Century England.... perhaps the District of Whitechapel???

Her Afternoon Weakness

Another of my favourites. While on our tour in Havana, Cuba, we passed by this outdoor patio that was in an alleyway. So different a location for a patio than I'm used to seeing, this couple caught my eye. I was able to get in a few shots before she looked my way and smiled.

House Call

Cuba yet again. What's the story you get from this one?

Urban Transit

You can't have a Street Photography Collection without some urban transportation.

A Ride Along Queen

On a wet morning in Toronto. There's not much like the reflection of the street lights on the wet pavement... except if you have a street car heading down the tracks.

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